8. Surveys, the good little dishes

8. Surveys, the good little dishes

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8. Surveys, the good little dishes

To make him appreciate his meals, think about putting the sauce! Our recipes:

Fresh yogurt vinaigrette: this sauce is a nice tablecloth for cold potatoes or boiled eggs. Mix 1 lemon juice, 1 yogurt, 3 tablespoons of olive oil (or half olive oil and grape seed oil), salt and pepper.

Fluffy sauce for steamed vegetables: mix almonds and hazelnuts with 3 tbsp. of neutral oil and salt, as much yoghurt. Soften with yoghurt as needed.

Sweet and salty sauce for green salad: if your child does not like acidity, replace vinegar with apple juice.

Greedy blend and health: mix 100 g of fine salt with 200 g of toasted sesame. Give an impulse to the mixer. Ideal for salads, omelettes or small vegetables.


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