7. The verrines, it's amazing

7. The verrines, it's amazing

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7. The verrines, it's amazing

The verrines, it's going to put a lot of eyes on him and it's the opportunity to eat, in a fun way, complete dishes. To eat with a mini-spoon, it's more funny!

Verrines Greek salad way: top with tomato coulis, then fill with diced cucumber and mixed feta cheese. A few drops of olive oil and it's over.

Parisian Titi way: mix lettuce strips with cubes of cooked ham and potatoes, yoghurt sauce.

Resto way: alternate asparagus tips and bacon in small pieces, then crushed egg sprinkled in the last layer.

Little breakfast or gourmet snack: mixed banana yoghurt smoothie, sprinkled with chocolate chips or a mixture of cottage cheese and strawberry.