10 things I will not regret my pregnancy

10 things I will not regret my pregnancy

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Of course, pregnancy has its good side (especially the joy of waiting for baby), but it is far from a long calm river ... It must be admitted: there are things you will not regret after ...

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10 things I will not regret about my pregnancy (10 photos)

1. The "advice" of stepmom

Throughout your pregnancy, mother-in-law gives you more or less good advice. When she does not openly criticize the names you are considering for your baby, there are also (too) many times where she tells you in detail her catastrophic birth and explains how much she had hurt ... There is better for to relax before giving birth.

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2. Inopportune binges

Strangely, even complete strangers believe they have the right to put their hand on your belly. The girlfriends pass (and again ...) but the first time it happens in the middle of the street, it's funny. Other times too, notice.

3. Ultrasound freezing

It's very cold. Sticky. To top it all off, the ultrasound system gives you a hearty tummy. Hello to remove it after ...

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4. The kilos that soar

Especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, where you can take 2 kg per month (which remains a reasonable weight gain). The worst part of it is that we will have to lose them ...

5. Informal pregnancy clothes

Certainly, pregnant women's clothes today are generally prettier than in the past (but there are still real "horrors"). Even if you are rather lucky with your pregnancy wardrobe, you can not wait to get back into your tight little black dress before! Good, patience ...

6. Crying like a madeleine in front of the 50th rebroadcast of the Little House on the Prairie

This is really not your usual style, but the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy make you hypersensitive. To the point of sobbing with each flash of information a little sad or in front of the movies mienvres ...

7. To play the contortionists

Pick something up on the floor (oddly enough, when it's hard to stoop, there's always something falling on the floor). You cut the toenails. Lace up your shoes ... Between your belly and your sciatica, it's sporty!

8. The weird desires

Well, weird, you'd want to swallow the jar of pickles all by yourself while you usually hate it. Not to mention sardine sandwiches / rhubarb jam ...

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9. To lose liters of water every day

Between excessive sweating and hypersalivation of pregnancy, you are spoiled ... Okay, it's not painful, but it was painful!

10. Having to count sheep

Between night cramps, the urge to pee and being unable to sleep on your stomach (your favorite position), having a good night's sleep is not easy. Courage: after it will be necessary to wait until baby makes his nights ...

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