Baby fever: the good shopping

Baby fever: the good shopping

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Thermometers, of course, but also nipples, wipes, fogger or test to detect its temperature ... discover our shopping accessories safety and well-being in case of fever in your baby.

Selection updated on December 09, 2016

Baby fever: the good shopping (13 photos)

Medical thermometer Nursal

A digital ear thermometer with quick reading, color alarms and very accurate sound to monitor baby fever: 25,99 €. Where to find it?

Tucky e-TakesCare connected thermometer

As a patch, it is placed under the armpit and can follow in real time and continuously the temperature of the child (0 to 7 years). It warns parents in case of a fever spike via the Tucky application, a real digital health record because in addition to storing temperature data, parents have the possibility to add information such as the time of taking drugs for example. Its price: 79,90 € and 7,99 € the box of 15 additional adhesives. Where to find it?

Tigex contactless thermometer

Equipped with Thermoflash technology, this thermometer is specially designed to take body temperature without interference with the surrounding heat. No need to wake up or undress baby with this fast and accurate system. Just point the thermometer to the forehead to get the temperature. Its price: 33,50 € approximately. Where to find it?

Duo thermometer Bébéconfort

Frontal or auricular, this duo thermometer allows to measure the body temperature of your child without undressing him. Its infrared technology allows precise, reliable and fast measurement. Its price: 40 € approximately. Where to find it?

ThermoScan 7, Braun

This ear thermometer contains an adjustable fever indicator based on your child's age from birth. Practical, hygienic and easy to use, it accurately and reliably measures the temperature of your child without being invasive. € 49.90. Where to find it?

Thermo Junior dinosaur LBS

Ideal for a comfortable rectal temperature measurement (flexible probe), but also oral or axillary in 10 seconds, this thermometer keeps in memory the last taken. Its price: 8,10 €. Where to find it?

Tigex Multifunction Thermometer

A true mini multifunctional information station, it allows 2 methods of taking the temperature: frontal and auricular. It also shows the room temperature, date and time. Its price: 33,96 €. Where to find it?

Thermoflash LX 160 T, Visiomed

Contactless and instant, but also without contamination, the temperature is child's play with this infrared medical electronic thermometer, with voice function in French, English and Spanish. We like it: it comes with a carrying case. Its price: 59 €. Where to find it?

Multifunction thermometer 4 in 1 Nuk

Measure auricular or frontal choice, it also displays the ambient temperature and that of objects, such as milk or bath water. Practical, its base. Its price: 29,99 €. Where to find it?

Terraillon Thermo Teat

In 3 minutes chrono, this nipple tells you if baby has fever or not. Its price: around € 9. More informations

Luc and Léa fever forehead test

Fever or not? This frontal test gives a first indication in 10 to 15 seconds. It can be used thousands of times. Its price: about € 3.50. More informations

Safety First pacifier thermometer

Clever! This orthodontic pacifier, with digital display, gives its temperature in less than 2 minutes. Sold with protective case. Digital display, large print for accurate measurement in less than 2 minutes. Its price: 21,98 €. Where to find it?

F-Test of the Theranol Deglaude laboratories

The F-Test is a frontal temperature indicator that lets you know in less than 15 seconds if a baby has a fever or not. More comfortable than a traditional thermometer, economical, ecological because shatterproof and reusable to infinity, it is particularly useful to take the temperature of a sleeping toddler: 8 € (laboratories Theranol Deglaude). On sale in pharmacy.