And if he was gifted?

And if he was gifted?

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Your child is interested in a lot of subjects, asks questions ... But as soon as he is in a group, these qualities disappear and he often isolates himself.

Gifted, gifted, early ... so many words to qualify these children who total an IQ of at least 125, without being good or very good school children. Explanations.

Who is the gifted child?

  • Cis a child who has a particularly fast spirit, an originality of thought, a creativity and an intellectual daring that do not characterize his comrades.
  • It is estimated that a child is gifted from an IQ of 125. Which would concern 5% of students. 2.3% would have an IQ of 130 and 2 per thousand would reach 140 *.

What signs should alert you?

  • When it comes to the elderit is a child that parents usually find easy to raise.
  • The gifted child spoke fast and well, was clean soon enough. He is interested in many subjects, asks questions and has a good sense of humor. All these qualities disappear when he is in a group. He hides them to try to look like others. We see little ones who can read, but the teacher does not know because they have never shown!
  • At school he is silent and isolated.
  • Teachers sometimes evoke restless behavior. But he can also be asleep, dreamy and not listen to anything in class.

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