A shorter summer vacation is good for children!

A shorter summer vacation is good for children!

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Summer school holidays reduced by two weeks? This is a possibility that regularly comes back to the agenda of the discussions ... and does not meet all the votes! However, for Hélène de Leersnyder, pediatrician member of Afpa *, specializing in sleep disorders, the shortening of summer holidays would be favorable to the development of children.

Shorter in summer and better spread over the year

  • Spend 8 to 6 weeks of summer holidays?This would be a good measure according to Dr. Hélène de Leersnyder, pediatrician member of Afpa *, specializing in sleep disorders.
  • According to this doctor, the reduction of the summer break and a better distribution of holidays throughout the year has many interests for kids. "Studies on school rhythms and biological rhythms show that ideally, during the school year, children should work 7 weeks and rest for 2 weeks, during the first week the child will recover from fatigue and during the second week he can have activities that promote his growth. "
  • Ideally the pediatrician estimates that "a child would need 2 months of summer to help improve his intellectual performance and acquiring school knowledge. "She notes, however, that" the 2 months of vacation are often long and difficult to fill, especially if parents and grandparents are not available. In reality, many children find themselves in the school grounds, in the airy center (...) In this sense, the holidays are too long "
  • For Dr. de Leersnyder, shorten the holidays by leaving a few days later in July while returning to school at the end of August "would allow the children to work at school all the month of June The school days in early July could be reserved for the parties and the end of year outings and the storage of the class.At the end of August, they would then have a few days to find each other, take the time to discover new premises, new comrades, their new new teacher in order to be ready to resume learning in good conditions from the beginning of September. "

* French Association of Ambulatory Pediatrics

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