How to ensure a healthy pregnant environment?

How to ensure a healthy pregnant environment?

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Pollutants, waves and electromagnetic fields ... There is a lot of talk today about the health risks related to the environment. What can you do to better preserve your health and that of the baby to come? We take stock.

  • There is a lot of talk today about environmental health risks, whether it's food, cosmetics or cleaning, everyday devices like mobile phones, computers, or whatever electronic means of communication.
  • What are the effects on the child's development of exposure to physical or chemical elements during pregnancy and lactation? Prospective parents ask themselves the question and studies on this subject are numerous, often contradictory, sometimes worrying. What to do in this context to better preserve the health of your unborn baby?
  • Some substances are harmful to the development of the baby, it is now proven: it is tobacco, alcohol and all drugs. You really have to avoid consuming these products when you are expecting a child. It is a known fact, and yet future parents are sometimes more worried about hypothetical risks than about well-established ones.
  • For more controversial exhibitions, you should try to avoid them, taking care, however, not to exaggerate the protective measures that could cause unnecessary anxiety, which is not desirable for you or your baby.
  • Informing potential risks is difficult: do not worry unnecessarily while not minimizing potential risks. Here is what we can say today about these topics.

A healthy environment in the house

  • To live in a healthy environment, a simple gesture, recommended for all, is to ventilate your home for 15 minutes every day to evacuate odors, pollutants and humidity. Many pollutants have appeared in homes in recent years due to the use of new building materials, new classes of detergents, and the increasingly efficient insulation of buildings that reduces the penetration of buildings. the air. Avoid as much as possible aerosols, air fresheners, insecticides.
  • For cleaning products, respect the prescribed use rates and use products with the "Nature and Progress", "European Ecolabel", "NF Environment" and "Ecocert" labels.
  • Beyond labels, there are also alternatives to ready-to-use industrial products. These are traditional recipes, a little forgotten and appreciated again; they are based on the use of ingredients which, although used, are also less harmful for the environment, and often less expensive: white vinegar cleans, disinfects, descales; black soap degreases; baking soda cleans and deodorizes; there is also Marseille soap, etc.
  • To take care of your houseplants or garden, do not use pesticides.

A healthy environment outside

  • You are pregnant, do not do renovations yourself, stay away from paints, varnishes, glues and solvents. This is even more important if you are stripping old paintings that may contain lead.
  • Walls, floors (parquet, wallpapers, paneling, etc.), pre-treated wood, chipboard or plywood, present in furniture or wall coverings, insulation materials (insulating foam, mineral wool, etc.) may release chemicals, sometimes for several months. For wood panels, look for the reference "E0" indicating the absence of formaldehyde a solvent likely to pass into the general circulation when inhaled.
  • For all these materials, take advice from your supplier and prefer the labeled products (see above). Ventilate as much as possible the days after they are put in place, without entering the renovated rooms yourself.

Electrical and electronic equipment

  • The electromagnetic waves and fields produced by the devices we surround ourselves with daily - mobile phones with relay antennas, computers and Wi-Fi, televisions, microwaves and induction hobs - have been studied and studied. often passionate debates.
  • No adverse effects of electromagnetic fields on pregnancy have been identified. Advice in this area is precautionary under uncertainty, and it is the same as for the population as a whole: avoid excesses. In general, and especially during pregnancy, limit the use of the mobile phone. Use a hands-free kit, or the speaker, and do not place the phone near your belly, to protect the unborn child from electromagnetic waves, the effects of which are difficult to assess.

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