2014: lots of ideas to do good

2014: lots of ideas to do good

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Come on, make a wish! That of seeing 2014 with the eyes of happiness. Easy with these 8 altruistic tips and tricks to circulate around you!

1. Laughter of (almost) everything

  • Okay, your companion forgot - for the third time this month! - to bring back the layers for your baby, your eldest is still not sleeping ... at 2 years old anyway! And if, instead of dramatizing everything, you decide to smile? Go, practice doing the gymnastics of your zygomatic, learn the art of the pun ... And life will seem softer, and to those around you too!

2. Help birds to overwinter

  • Not easy for the "piafs" to find food in these times of frost. Show your child how to help birds survive by putting some butter, an apple or cookies on the window sill. He can also build with your help a wooden feeder to install on the balcony or over a tree. Story to hear twittering on the roof. Cute, no?

3. Write to everyone we love

  • Grandparents who live abroad, a godmother with a leg in the plaster ... it's time to wish them a happy year and tell them that you love them. To do this, buy Unicef ​​greeting cards, Fondation Abbé Pierre, Perce-Neige ... and ask your child to draw or write a message of love to those he loves who are far away. Part of the profits from sales will be donated to these associations.

4. Getting to the stove

  • Disguised fruits, log, shortbread... the period is conducive to temptation and greed. Your little chefs will gladly help out. Better: talk with your child about this American custom of offering homemade cupcakes to neighbors. Easy to make good relations in the building or in your neighborhood! To adopt all year, when you cook organic purées or compotes for your baby for example.

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