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This is an important step that prepares your child for entry into the 6th grade. Reading, research, historical frieze, multiplication ... discover everything your child does in class in CM2 and follow our tips and advice to accompany him home.

Prepare to be evaluated

Your child is evaluated throughout his school career. Kindergarten is no exception, and without the need for revisions, your child is tested - but not noted - on various skills to acquire. Evaluation, instructions.

Recognize the verb in the sentence

Now that he knows how to read, your schoolboy will tackle the construction of sentences. First by observing. Conduct the investigation with him. Where is the verb?

Grant the verb with the subject

I sing, you sing, we sing ... And who gives the verb with the subject? It's your child and it requires a strong reflection! Grant is well played.

Conduct research

Children are naturally curious ... so much the better! It is a good engine for schooling. It's up to you to encourage your schoolboy in his search for information. The research, exciting!

Master the subtraction

He has 22 candies, how much is left if he eats 2? To subtract is more difficult to imagine than to add. Your schoolboy needs to be motivated with concrete examples. Subtraction, not so difficult?

Learn a lesson

This is probably not what your schoolboy prefers ... However, it is essential to memorize what he has learned and progress. We review?

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