1-2 years old: puzzles and box shapes please him

1-2 years old: puzzles and box shapes please him

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Develop your address and logical sense ... the new challenges that your toddler throws between 1 and 2 years. How to fill it? By giving him puzzles and other form boxes.

No way to disturb your little player! These are tasks that require precision and patience. Seriously, he tries to get such a piece of puzzle into a hole or hold three cubes in balance. This does not prevent, two minutes later, to let off steam by throwing them away or by hitting them against each other!

Puzzles and shape boxes: what he learns with his body

  • The main asset of these games: to work manual skill and coordination of movements. To get up a tower of cubes, the two hands take turns, help each other, learn to work together. One is dominant, more often solicited than the other? Normal, the lateralization is put in place.
  • We are here in the register of the fine motor skillsbecause it takes very specific actions to transfer the contents of one container into another, or embed forms on the right support.
  • Thanks to these "trainings", the little fingers relax. Soon, they will be able to hold a pencil ! Your baby also learns to adapt his gestures according to the object: we do not manipulate a cube and a piece of puzzle in the same way.

What he learns with his head

  • Full-empty, inside-out, upside down. These are all the essential notions that your little one assimilates by building, transferring, etc.
  • At the same time, he perfected his knowledge of the physical laws. Can not fit a cube on a ball. On the other hand, a cube on another cube works! He also does not deprive himself of juggling abstract concepts without realizing it. An object can be both yellow, square and rough. While another who is yellow, will be round and smooth.
  • Finally, he becomes champion of the classification and categories : the cubes with the cubes, the pieces of the form box with the pieces of the box!

Isabelle Gravillon with Anne Bacus, psychologist.

Psychic side, what bring him these games

  • To make and to undo is always to work ... These games require the addresse and your baby experiences this maxim. His beautiful tower collapsed? Never mind, he does it again.
  • He learns patience, perseverance and, above all, pride when he manages to meet a challenge that he had fixed. This makes him enterprising and pushes him to see even higher: after three cubes, his tower will make four!


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