Manage visits to the maternity ward

Manage visits to the maternity ward

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Motherhood is a moment rich in emotions for the young couple. During this short period, it is advisable to establish simple rules so that the visits of the relatives are a source of shared pleasures.

A few hours after birth: the hard core

  • After a delivery, the first 12 hours are spent resting and establishing a new intimacy with your baby. Give him your full attention as well as his dad and his siblings (if the motherhood accepts them).
  • Enjoy this lovely parenthesis. Some moms need to sleep, and when they wake up, after a snack, they can take a shower. The coquettes like to wear makeup and hair for the first pictures.
  • After these first hours, you can welcome your parents and in-laws for a short visit. If you feel tired, tell them with ease that you've been happy to see them, but that you still need to recover.

Family and friendly visits

  • In the text, which is often sent to announce the arrival of baby, slip the ideal time of visits for your brothers and sisters as well as for your friends. Sensitize your relatives with delicacy: their visits will be a real pleasure if they take place in the calm and they are of short duration, of the order of a half-hour.
  • If during your pregnancy you know for certain that you will not enjoy having visits to the maternity ward, prepare your relatives and let them know that you will be happy to receive them when you return home.
  • You do not dare to express your wishes while you are at the maternity ward and visits follow one another? Ask midwives and nurses for help. They know how to handle this situation perfectly.

The recommendations of the medical profession

  • Generally, visits to the maternity ward are allowed in the afternoon. It is also recommended that they take place on the fourth day. The first two days, the mother and the baby rest. It's time to feed or first baby bottles. The third day, the baby blues can hug you, because the hormones undergo a fall. Women stay on average between 3 and 4 days at the maternity ward. Those who gave birth by caesarean remain on average 5 days. The visits are therefore rarely in the ideal timing for the mother.

Visits after maternity

  • Since moms stay fairly short of time in hospital, a new trend emerges. Today, visits to the maternity ward are implicitly reserved for intimates. And right out of the mum and the baby, friends can organize a happy afternoon tea to greet together the return home of the whole family.

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