10 homemade spreads recipes

10 homemade spreads recipes

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Whether it's hazelnuts, almonds, speculos or salted butter caramel, the spread is THE indestructible snack. The only problem? It is fat, too sweet and often composed of palm oil. Quickly discover these 10 gourmet recipes, healthy and made "home" to the delight of your little gourmands!

Sarah Hadj

10 homemade spreads recipes (10 pics)

Chocolate-hazelnut spread

All children (and even grown-ups) love it: the chocolate-hazelnut spread is a classic whose recipe is a well-kept secret by a well-known manufacturer ... Finally, since we offer you here a homemade recipe, easy to reproduce and without palm oil as a bonus! See the recipe on the blog A Kitchen Lover Photo: Pinterest

Maple butter

And if you did discover the maple syrup to your little greedy? Easy with this maple butter recipe ... an exceptional treat made with maple syrup and corn. If this spread does not contain any fat, it remains a soft sweetness by the use of syrups. See the recipe on the blog Je Cuisine Photo: Pinterest

Vegan spread

This surprising recipe will allow you to make a "fake" caramel vegan with dates and vegetable milk. The spread will be naturally sweet thanks to medjool dates: no sugar added so for this healthy and healthy recipe! Here are 2 variants of caramel, one with salted butter and the other nature. It's your turn ! See the recipe on Amandine Cooking's blog Photo: Pinterest

Peanut butter

Yum, the famous peanut butter toast we saw in our favorite American series? Make your children discover this homemade recipe, less oily and more eco-responsible (because without palm oil) peanut butter. See the recipe on the blog The culinary refinery Photo: Pinterest

Dough spread with praline

Did you know ? Praline - this gourmet powder made of almonds, hazelnuts and sugar - can be transformed for our greatest pleasure into praline paste! A homemade delicacy to consume with greed ... and moderation! See the recipe on the blog Sweet Imprint Photo: Pinterest

Salted butter caramel

Ideal for decorating desserts or spreading on Christmas snacks, whether it is flowing, melting or compact, salted butter caramel is always unanimous. See the recipe on the blog Three Times a day Photo: Pinterest

Honey and hazelnut spread

This honey-hazelnut mixture is a concentrate of good food for the body in this winter period and especially good for the taste buds. It's not your little greedy who will say otherwise! See the recipe on the blog Pearl Sugar Photo: Pinterest

Almond butter

The high content of vitamins and antioxidants have made the almond essential to any good diet. Able to replace butter in some cakes or cookies, almond puree can also be spread on bread ... a good idea to taste it. See the recipe on Cooking Julia's blog Photo: Pinterest

Fluff or Marshmallow Spread

Better known among our American neighbors, the Fluff or Marshmallow Spread, can be consumed with peanut butter, on a bread sandwich, pancakes or pancakes to the delight of your loulous! See the recipe on the blog Cloud of flour Photo: Pinterest

Pastry of speculoos and chocolate

Do your children like (or do not know) speculoos, these delicious little cookies with inimitable taste? This highly addictive recipe is made for them! See the recipe on the blog Alter gusto Photo: Pinterest


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